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Emissions problem

HI i have a 2002 VW jetta 176k that flunked emissions. i was quoted a price of 1550 to fix this but really cant afford this and don’t want to put the $$ into this car. anyone have any ideas??

You might get a second repair estimate from another shop.

It would help to know what flunked and what they are proposing to do to fix it and if there are any error codes recorded (Usually CEL will be on) and exactly what those codes are (Like P1234)

Was the quote from a dealer?

Hi the codes are P1364 and PO 420.
no, the quote wasn’t from a dealer.
thanks for your help.

P0420 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)
P1364 - No Data

It appears that the catalytic converter needs to be replaced. The other code is a manufacturer specific, but I have no listing. Are you sure this is the correct code?

the description on my repair quote says "multiple dtc’s present, p1364 and PO 420

The definition of P1354 is, “Modulating piston displacement sensor circuit [problem]”. One needs the repair manual and charts to troubleshoot either problem.

I hope that you find a mechanic who actually troubleshoots these problems rather than throw parts at them. For instance, just because the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) indicates the catalytic converter circuit has a problem, doesn’t mean that the catalytic converter, itself, has the problem.

You have but two choices…Fix it or trade it in the way it is…As a trade, you will get little more than salvage value. You could try selling it as a parts car if the sheet-metal is in good shape. You might get $1000-$1500 for it that way.

As for replacing the CAT, shop around, an aftermarket CAT can be had for $300-$400. The ignition gizmo can’t be that big a deal…

Your car has a DIESEL ENGINE , doesn’t it? That sensor is inside the diesel fuel pump. It reports on the modulating piston displacement valve which controls diesel fuel flow to the diesel fuel injectors. There is something out of whack with yours. The repair price for work on a diesel fuel pump will be higher.

Where do they do emissions inspections on diesel engines???

Likely they are just relying on the car’s computer.

My point is that it can’t be a diesel because diesels are exempt from emissions testing and they don’t have the emissions systems that gas engines have.