2005 Infiniti Q45 how to disable auto door lock after time

Car has locked father-in-law out a couple of times when he gets out of car, door shuts, then the door will lock after a short period of time with him outside. Very infuriating. Can’t remember if key is ignition or just in the car. Is there a way to disable this? Dealership says they do not know how.

On my friend’s 2008 RAV-4, the factory security system does this exact thing, and apparently it cannot be overriden. Once you are aware of this feature, all you have to do is to act accordingly, and take your keys with you when you exit the car. However, it is possible that this security feature can be overridden on a luxury marque like a Q45. Is it possible that the Owner’s Manual for this very expensive car does not have information on that topic?

If the manual does not have this info, then it certainly will have info on how to contact Infiniti/Nissan Customer Care (or whatever they call their telephone help line people). They should be able to answer questions that stump the guys at the dealership.