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2005 Hyundai Sonata V 6 Motor Mount Noise

This auto has 143,000 miles on it. I recenty noticed a creaking noise from the left front when accelerating from a dead stop. The shop I have used for 15 years said that the motor mounts are deteriorating and should be replaced. I trust the guy but would like to avoid the $1,400 repair. There are no symptoms other than the ocassional noise.

What is the downside of ignoring his recommendation? What other symptoms can I expect if I delay the repair? Can this be a serious safety issue? I plan to keep the car for another two years unless I bite the dust first or the engine falls out.

If you delay the replacement of failed motor mounts, you might notice severe vibrations at idle.
The engine will not fall out. Motor mounts are designed in such a way that it can’t happen.
More than likely, the rubber portion of the motor mount is collapsed and deteriorating.