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2005 Honda Odyssey - Knocks

Ray Magliozzi, I’m looking for some advice. My son has a 2005 Honda Odyssey 6 cyl van that he uses to run around in Summit County Mountains in Colorado. It has a bad knock in the engine especially above 2,000 RPM’s. Below that it idles and sounds normal. he says it has never been run hot and has had oil changed as required. Any ideas what might be causing this other than a rod? Could this be a valve adjustment problem? One mechanic checked it, not sure he done anything more than rev the engine and said it is a rod. I read your column every week in The Daily Sun in The Villages, FL. Thanks,

I don’t think Ray ever answers in this section. Also putting your personal info on an open web site is not advisable . @cdaquila – Carolyn , edit time ?

Then it is most likely a rod bearing knock. I’d trust any mechanic’s guess that has stood next to the vehicle and heard the knock than ANYone on a web forum without such information. If you don’t like the mechanics answer, take it to a second one but don’t be surprised if he says the same thing.