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2005 Honda Accord Hybrid - Rod knock?

Hi I’m ángel my 2005 Honda Accord I te s sounds like piston rod is knocking only on low idled when I press the gas up to 2000 -2500 rpm it’s stop the sound thanks

Have you checked the oil level?

Yes and is fine

Thank you for responding. Maybe some one will have some experience with this, I suspect it will require a hands-on diagnosis by a qualified mechanic.

I have heard a lot of rod knocking, I have never heard one get quieter when you increased the rpm. I used to hear a lot of rod knocking when our city tractor fleet was all gas engine in the 60sw and 70s. zthe company I worked for was notorious for deliberatly overloading. The fines were less than the revenue from the overload and not more than 1 in 10 got caught.

I once pulled 110,000 of nickel with my single axle Ford C850 and a single trailed. That put me at about 3 times the legal limit for a 4 axle rig. I got stopped so many times that I got to be friends with the trooper that ran the scale car in the Buffalo area.

Does this engine have solid lifters? My 1999 Honda does, and every few years I adjust them and each time some have needed it.

I was thinking of the motor rotor

The noise you hear might be from a cracked flex plate.


Flex plate ? What’s that where that goes ?

It’s between the engine and transmission.

And this is what a cracked one looks like.


Google ‘Honda piston slap’, see if the videos sound like your car.