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2005 Honda Civic Si!

Well, it is time that I buy my first true car! I am graduating college in one week and a new car is in the picture. I am looking for a hatchback that is fairly sporty, manual and gets decent gas mileage. I have been interested in the Kia Spectra5 and went to test drive that car when I found myself looking at the 2005 Honda Civic Si. The Si blew me away! I really really liked it but it has 106,000 miles on it. Civics are great cars (i have one currently) and I am wondering if I should have a go with this car. I am planing on having the car for around 6 years which I figure will put me too around 200,000 miles which for a civic is do-able. Do you guys/gals think I should go with this car, or get a car with less miles but not as much fun? Thanks everyone!

Whatever you choose, have it inspected by a 3rd-party mechanic. It looks like this is a dealer lot. Don’t just take their word for it. Anything found wrong is taken off the price of the car. You should drive what you like, but I find that Hondas and Toyotas are too expensive as used cars. It will have to be 2 or more years older than almost any other comparable car to be equal in price. Condition and mileage are more important than brand. BTW, I own an Accord (bought new).

The '05 Civic has high miles, so the price needs to be reasonable. Personally, I like Civics, and I find Hondas hold up well over time and miles. I’d consider the car, but make sure you don’t overpay for it. A pre-purchase inspection by a good Honda knowledgeable mechanic is my strong recommendation before you buy the car.

You want to have any used car inspected, but pay particular attention to the “Sport” model of any used car. The old “they only drove it to church on Sunday” line does not apply here–the sport versions of cars often are bought by people who drive 'em like they stole 'em. Particularly the Civic Si, which may have been hotrodded in its earlier years. That’s not to say they’re all bad buys; just make sure this one wasn’t thrashed around.

Since you already own a Civic you (should) know about the timing belt replacement interval; make sure at 106k this Si has had it done.

Congratulations on graduating!

The 2005 Civic SI came with a 2.0L 160 hp engine that does not have a timing belt. Looks like the general assumption on any Honda is that it has a timimg belt. I would look up the specs before telling anyone about timing belt and all the related timing belt particulars before posting…

I stand corrected. I apologize that I made a generalization based on the fact that every other Honda from that era (including their crossover pickup) had a timing belt. I stand behind the rest of my post.

If you don’t like the level of service, I’ll be glad to issue a refund.

As a former Civic owner, I have to say “meh”.
2.5 words for you:
MazdaSpeed 3

2005 Si:
2L I-4 160hp, manual, hatchback, 22/28mpg, about $7k private party in clean condition

2007 Speed 3(first year they seem to be listed on
2.3L turbo 4, 263hp, manual, hatchback, 18/26mpg, about $11k private party in clean condition and assuming a 15k mile per year useage as the Civic was(75k miles)