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2005 Honda Civic noise when clutch releases

My son recently bought a 2005 Honda Civic LX (Sedan) Special Edition.with 158K miles on it. The car moves great, also the manual transmission its in good shape, also the engine. The car looks like a cutie pie. However there is a little noise when the clutch is release. According to the search I have done, the possible culprit could be the input shaft bearing. My question is: How long my son can drive the car before the transmission gets any severe damage? Or maybe this is a normal noise on this cars?

Maybe a week, maybe another 200,000 miles. Can you describe the noise better than “a little noise”? That would help narrow it down a bit.

Oh, and if the clutch has not been replaced, ever, that opens the door on what the noise might be. And when you might be fixing it. 3 things come to mind - pilot bearing, throwout bearing and input shaft bearing. All will be easily accessible when changing the clutch and should be fixed at that time. Which is likely soon. Clutches can last 200,000 miles but rarely do.

Hi Mustangman.

According to the former owner, the clutch kit was replaced on November 2017. Actually he gave me the auto part’s receipts. Not only the clutch kit, also the timing belt, valve head gasket, thermostat, themostat’s gasket, water pump, and brake master cylinder were also done. Also I have the receipts.

When you release the clutch, is like a low pitch vibration. This sound desapairs when you engage the clutch. Maybe this is the normal sound and I am exaggerating. I am a Toyota guy and not a Honda one! The former owner also gave me the engine mounts. This was the last thing that he was going to do before he decided to sold the vehicle to buy a pick up truck. Thank you for your time.

Probably not the description your son would choose :wink:

Only a Pie not so Cutie! Lol.

Another idea, the rear crankshaft seal might be leaking a little oil, which is getting on the clutch friction surfaces, and causing it to alternately slip and grab during the engagement process. Note, the engagement process occurs when the clutch pedal is released from pressing on it. I presume that is what you mean by “when clutch is release”. In any event, if that’s the problem the rear seal can be replaced after removing the transmission.

It is very interesting your observation. We have seen some engine oil leakage. That could be another possibility. Until now the transmission is functioning very well. The car is under observation! Thank you for your time George_SanJose1.

I assume you mean when you dis-engage the clutch (pedal pressed down) ? The clutch is engaged when you release the pedal.

Yes Bill Russell, You’re right. The low pitch noise sounds when you disengage the clutch. Particularly when the car is on stop with the engine running or between the first and second gear.

If the noise occurs when stopped and the clutch pedal is held down the through out bearing is noisy. How long will it last? Could be years, you will likely stop driving it when it becomes very noisy.

If you feel a vibration as you have stated it is time to address this problem.

It is not a vibration, its a low pitch noise. However, the transmission engages strong. Maybe it’s a matter of living with this and to take care of any abnormal change on the regular car’s function.

I had this on my 2004 honda civic VP i replaced the clutch when it would no longer go up a hill without slipping (it was pretty bad) and it made that noise right from the start with the new clutch. I drove it for two more years like that and it would still be driving if i hadn’t have got in an accident and totaled it.