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2003 Honda Civic EX 5spd w/ bad pilot bearing. replace now or wait until I need a new clutch?

I have a 2003 Honda Civic with 5spd manual Transmission and 105,000 miles. My Mechanic says that the input shaft bearing is going (Makes noise when clutch is out then is quiet when clutch is put in). Can I wait to get it fixed when I need a new clutch or am I doing damage by not addressing it sooner?


Taylor from Rochester MN.

No I don’t know Les Block

That doesn’t sound like a pilot bearing. If the clutch pedal is up (released/engaged/foot off) then the input shaft is turning at the same rate as the crankshaft so the bearing is not moving in relation to those two things, so it should not make any noise.

Now if you push down on the clutch pedal and it makes noise, that could be the pilot bearing but it would more likely be the release bearing.

Do you have a bad Pilot bearing…or a bad input shaft bearing?? They are two different things.

The Pilot bearing is pressed into the flywheel and the input shaft rides on it.

The Input shaft bearing is internal to the transmission. If that’s bad then you’ll need a transmission rebuild.

Either case I’d get it fixed now. The Pilot bearing sometimes comes with the clutch kit. So it’ll be replaced when you do the clutch.

would a release bearing cause any damage? if that is what i could be?

Sounds like a shaft bearing to me.
They can go downhill fast once they start making noise.
If it shatters debris can make you repair bill much bigger.