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2005 Honda Civic Cpe - Here's what I need

I need an alignment and oil leak

I can understand needing an alignment,

But why do you need an oil leak?


I can schedule that for you.

I charge $250 an hour for work on the car plus $125 an hour for travel time plus parts and expenses. I’ll drive over if I can but fly if I have to.

When would you like your alignment? I can add the oil leak in the same visit.


Well go get them.

Okay, now that the comedians have weighed in, can you tell us exactly what you want help with? Alignment is not a DIY project. Are you asking about how to find a reliable alignment shop? Regarding the oil leak, are you considering fixing it yourself?

You can start your search for a shop by looking at online reviews, but it is better relying on the experiences of people you know and trust.

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Our mechanic wasn’t yet set up to do alignments back in the early 90’s so they referred us to a great place that could. They do alignment’s now (they’ve grown into the building that they originally used 1/3 of)

Sorry to bump but I saw this thread in my weekly Car Talk Forum newsletter… I couldn’t help but notice the banner at the top “This is the first time chamirra has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!” I’m sure he/she feels quite welcomed by this reception. :wink:

On the other hand, eight days later, the OP has failed to expand on his/her cryptic seven word post.

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The first time post came from that ill advised feature ( Ask Someone ) . People think they are only contact owners of what ever vehicle they have. Also the percentage of one time vague posts is really high so it is no surprise that the regulars are tired of that feature . If someone really wants help people should not have to guess what they are asking and at least try to make a readable post.