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2005 Honda Accord Sdn - Won't move

Will not move, auto trans.

Given the plethora of useful information, the only advice I can give you is to have your Accord towed to a well recommended independent mechanic for diagnostics and repair


My Crystal Ball senses a Broken Accord.

Contact the United Nations, or a good mechanic.


It’s barely possible the parking brake is frozen but most likely the transmission has quit. If so, it won’t be cheap and your car is 15 years old. See about having a used transmission installed and start looking for a new car.

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There isn’t enough information to provide any help. Doesn’t start? Can’t shift transmission? If it doesn’t start, does it crank? Is there no sound on start? Maybe just clicking on start?

If the engine runs but the car doesn’t move, it could be a simple problem in the linkage between the shift lever and the trans.

More info would mean fewer “ifs” in the answers.

You need to either start the engine… and or be on a steep hill.

Garbage in… Garbage out…

The kind you get when you a) Describe your problem in 5 words, b) Tell us next to nothing about your car and c) Don’t even bother to ask a question.

Solve a) b) and c) and we’ll be glad to help you.


Yes… Precisely what @Mustangman just said.


Is the fluid level correct?

Can you move the shift lever?

If you can move the shift lever, do you feel a bump when you move the lever out of park?

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  1. The engine is broken
  2. The transmission is broken
  3. The engine is not on
  4. The gear shift lever is broken
  5. The car is on jack stands, off the ground
  6. Car received a parking ticket and there’s a boot on one wheel
  7. Many, many more reasons, most requiring mechanical assistance.

If you want free help, you need to provide details up front and make it easy for people, not make us waste time taking wild guesses and trying to drag the details out of you. If you don’t understand this, then you should go elsewhere.