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2005 Honda Accord EX Coupe Vtech issue

Periodically the engine light comes on and then when I hit the gas it “stutters” and the car jerks - similar jerking feeling when you are learning to drive a stick shift but this car is an automatic. I have to take foot off gas pedal and keep slowly applying again to building up speed. The stuttering stops as soon as I take my foot off the gas pedal. Sometimes when I stop the car, turn it off, the light will turn off and the car drives great. Sometimes that doesn’t work and the light stays on for a day or two then magically is gone when I start the car again. I have noticed the light comes on most often if I haven’t warmed it up enough before driving, but other times it just comes on. I have taken it to two different Honda dealers and they don’t know what the issue is. They have replaced the sensor switch twice. Of course, the light doesn’t come on when I take it in so the stuttering doesn’t happen. Any advice appreciated. I want to sell the car (need a four door) but don’t want to pass this issue on to the buyer.

What Diagnostic Trouble Code(s) were pulled from the computer?



“replaced the sensor switch twice.”

Can you be a little more specific, please?

What switch?

Please post the exact code . . . it should be on your invoice

I’m pleased that you want to fix this before selling it

There are many people out there who would clear the light and not mention anything to prospective buyers

By the way . . . the check engine light isn’t flashing, is it?

I would take it to Advance or Autozone and see if they can bring up the code. They will read it for free. If you post the code we can help you much better. When the light come on it should be stored and can be read by their code reader.