2005 GMC Envoy XL ABS/brake lights

My 2005 GMC Envoy’s gas guage hasn’t worked since we got it. We just watch the trip meter. Now the ABS light and Brake light are on and beeping. The have been checked by licensed serviceman and they are fine. He clears the faults and in a few miles they cone on again. I can’t afford to fix bad sensors when automotive part is fine. How can I disconnect these my self?

Don’t disconnect these, find a better mechanic. You don’t want to disconnect these because they are warning lights telling you something is wrong. Especially the brake light!

It may be a brake fluid level sensor that has failed warning you incorrectly that the brake fluid is low. It could be warning you that either the front or read brakes is not working properly.

The ABS light will come on automatically every time the “brake” warning comes on so the wheel speed sensors may be just fine but a mechanic with the tools to read ABS error codes would know that.

Sounds like thats all he is doing is clearing the codes and not diagnosing the problem . If there is a problem the codes will come back in a few miles . Sounds like you have at least one bad abs sensor which are part of the wheel bearing assemblies .