2004 Ford Mustang electrical problem

I have a 2004 Ford Mustang v6 3.9l, My windows, convertible top, powered seats etc. everything that is electrical powered doesn’t work and not only that, my car won’t make it in any gear it jerks loses rpm power and cuts off. I can let it idle for a long time but I can’t get it to stay on in any gear (except parked). I got a new battery, tune up spark plugs and coils, oil change, fuel pump, throttle body sensors and nothings change. I feel like it’s an electrical problem that’s shorting out something but idk I need help.

I don’t know what that means.

Sounds like you have a long list of problems here. We need some more info. when the car starts, is the check engine light on? What codes is it showing? What other warning lights are on when running? What transmission do you have? Manual or automatic?

Seriously? EVERYthing? Lights, radio, turn signals, brake lights?? EXCEPT the starter? That works and starts the car?

Start searching for a burned wire - the fuse-able link in the engine compartment near the alternator and make sure the battery grounds are all present and connected properly. Trace the battery red cable to the starter and then a big wire from the starter to the rest of the car. Is it there? Is is burned up?

That should get you started. Post back with what you find.

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yes nothing works, I was charged 250$ to change some sensors at a auto shop and a week later the same problem occurred. All the car can do for now is start and idle. I can rev it and it will run fine but if I try to put it in reverse or drive the car jerks and eventually loses power and cuts. I try to roll down my windows and the same thing happens the car jerks loses power and cuts off. It’s a v6 3.9l automatic

Exactly what was the diagnosis of this shop that “charged 250$ to change some sensors” . . . ?

They undoubtedly gave you an invoice, which listed all the fault codes they retrieved, and the repairs which they performed . . . please give us more details

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So now I know what transmission you have but none of the other questions I asked. We still can’t help without at least those answers and the other things I suggested you check.

If you aren’t capable or willing to do this work yourself, I’d suggest towing it to a competent shop and be prepared for a large bill or sell it to a junkyard.

I’m having the EXACT same problem with my 2004 Mustang. Same specs, except a manual transmission. I was stopped at a light one night, and when I put the car into first gear and stepped on the gas, the radio, dashboard and headlights went dark, the car sputtered and jerked and then died. I replaced the alternator, battery and belt, and everything was great for a month or so. Then it happened again the other day. Just like the other poster wrote, when I jump the battery and start the car, it idles just fine – until I attempt to drive it. Then the same thing happens again. It appears to drain the battery when it happens, too. Could I have screwed something up when I replaced the alternator?

I suspect there is a faulty connection in the main electrical bus somewhere. It could be a bad main ground, a fusible link or in the hot side of the power bus. I would first check the wiring from the battery and to the main panel under the hood along with the grounding. Try moving the wiring while the engine is running to see if you can make a change. Try tapping on the main panel with a screwdriver handle or something like that. If that doesn’t make anything happen then check the ignition switch and wiring to the dash fuse panel.