2005 Focus with repeated transmission seal problems


We have a 2005 Ford Focus with approximately 40,000 miles. We bought it in January '07, with around 30,000 miles. Since we have owned it, we have had it in the shop 4 times for transmission problems. Each time, we are told that the seals are leaking or have blown. They replace them, but offer no guess as to what keeps causing this. Any ideas? We’re seriously thinking about unloading this car before the warranty runs out and we’re stuck with paying for a transmission out of pocket!


Which seals are leaking??



Just a thought here before deferring to Transman.
You state you have had multiple transmission problems, you’re told the seals are “leaking or blown” (???), but you did not state if your car is actually leaking fluid.

If it’s not leaking fluid, and depending on these transmission problems, maybe there’s a chance you are being BS’ed by someone to cover up their lack of knowledge on the transmission.

If it’s really leaking, then it would help to know which seals are leaking and if it’s repeated failures of the same seal.
Jus’ wonderin’. :slight_smile: