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2005 Dodge Neon

When I am in drive and have come to a stop with my foot on the brake the car jerks as if it wants to go forward? Any ideas? Also the emissions light comes on every 4th or 5th tank of gas - any suggestions?

How many miles? Sounds like the transmission is sticking. If you put it in neutral, does it surge or purr nicely? If it doesn’t surge, it’s probably not the engine.

It may be idling too high. When you idle, if the idle is the correct speed, the forces from the engine side of the torque converter are dissipated by the fluid in the converter, but if the idle is too high that same fluid will try to pull the car forward as if you were accelerating.

It’s also possible that the torque converter itself is misbehaving, but I’d start by checking the idle.

That emissions light is telling you that the computer has stored fault codes. Those need to be read, and will tell a technician where to start looking to find the cause. Parts stores will read these codes for free, but you need a tech to interpret them and diagnose further to a successful repair.

On my 2004, this same thing happens when my big foot accidentally hits the accelerator while I am still depressing the brake. Just a thought.