2005 Dodge Magnum smokes like a fireplace

just changed waterpump and timing belt now when it warms up it smokes like a fire place. is there something i can do to fix this

Age or miles and it was due ?
Or some other problem and you were hoping the timing belt would fix it ?

What is burning to cause smoke?

The more commonly-found 2.7 liter engine of this model utilizes a timing chain which should last for the life of the engine, unless there are lubrication problems.


Do you have the larger, 3.5 liter engine?

Is the smoke coming from the engine compartment, from the belt or out the exhaust?

What color is the smoke? Does it smell like burning rubber?

I agree with the previous posts.

  1. Did it produce smoke before you changed the timing belt and water pump?

  2. What color is the smoke? Blue or white?

  3. And are you losing coolant or oil?

  4. How many miles on the car?

  5. Which engine do you have?

its a 3.5 it smoked a bit before and it does smell a little like rubber and its coming out of tail pipeand it has 218000 miles

actually i just bought it from a farmer and water was dumping out the front of it so i changed the water pump and went with changing the timing belt because i was already there. i didnt even think it would have any other issues ,me trusting what the farmer had said

It sounds like this engine has been repeatedly overheated, and now burns a lot of oil. Time to start shopping for a used engine, or a different car.


Well over 200k miles and owned by a farmer would tell me all I need to know. “Trusting what the farmer said…”. That could have been a mistake right there. Just because he’s a farmer does not mean that he’s as honest as the day is long.

What should be done at this point is run both a dry and wet compression test. If the engine is just flat worn out then it’s decision time on the next step.


VDCDRIVER its a 3.5 and it is a belt and the rest of you thank you for your time