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2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

I was driving my vehicle and I didn’t allow it to warm up but I sat after starting it up for 5 mins and I then pulled off i cut on my DVD player and then started to cut my heat in and my battery light came on and my steering wheel started to get tight. And then I cut the heat back off and the battery light went off. The Next day I drove it and the same thing the battery light came on but I realized I didn’t have any engine oil or coolant at all I filled the engine oil and coolant up and then let that ran threw and it cut on again and stayed on for a few seconds and cut back off while in front of autozone they checked the battery and starter and alternator and he said they passed he also stated that the batter I had was smaller for my vehicle. So while driving home I cut on the heater and it was blowing out cool air and was getting colder as I was driving so I cut it off and soon as I cut the heater off the temperature was still normal and in 2 seconds the temperature needle went to H and the over heat light came on. As I came to a stop light the temperature needle started to go down but then when I started driving again it was going back up. Please help me.

My first thought is there is not enough coolant. Engine cold, open the radiator cap. Coolant should be right up to it, and between the L and H marks on the translucent plastic overflow tank that connects to the radiator.

From the first couple of sentences it sounds like the belt tensioner has seized and is not keeping the belt tight enough. But being 5 quarts low on oil and 2 gallons low on coolant is a big problem, were these really empty?

If you are loosing a lot of coolant check if the water pump is leaking, it may be seizing causing the belt to slip and the charging system light to turn on.

With no oil…the engine may have begun seizing up from no lubricant for the bearings.
Add to that no coolant, and I think this engine is close to the end of it’s life.

start saving now, as it will be between 2-3 thousand to replace the engine with a used one.

Sorry to say this, but you need to find someone that can teach you how to check these things.
You can never rely on waiting until your next oil change to have the technician check these things.

You should be checking these things every two weeks at least.


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You may have had a coolant leak spraying on a belt causing it to slip, that would explain the stiff steering and the battery light. It would also cause the overheating. Getting and engine really hot can cause it to burn oil. How much oil did it take to show full on the dipstick? You need a good mechanic to check this out and see if this engine can be saved.

It is possible you just need the coolant leak fixed, but you could have blown a head gasket (expensive) or destroyed the engine (very expensive) driving an overheating car is never a good idea.

Also , if it ran out of oil first, that itself can cause overheating.

Like others have said, you really need to learn how to check these things.

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