2005 Chrysler Crossfire stinks like dirty socks!

I just bought a used base model 2005 Crossfire Convertible. It smells like dirty socks inside the cabin with the top up. Every time I run the air conditioning it becomes worst. What suggestions do you have to have it smell good again? No… I do not have a pet skunk! LOL

Pour a solution of a cleaner like OdoBan and hot water into the air intake at the base of the hood and the windshield. Start the car and run through all the heat and AC vent and blower settings. Shut it off and let is sit overnight. Rinse with clean water. That will help odors inside the vent system.

Still stink? Sprays are available to combat odors like Febreeze and Ozium. Follow instructions, spray and let sit over night/

Still funky? A water spray-and-vac upholstery cleaner on seats and carpet and even the headliner may be required for a smokers car. You may need to REMOVE the seats to clean under them.

Good Luck… been there…done that!