2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Lemon

Bought is used from a friend who worked at Chrysler. He bought it new. I took delivery with 38,500 miles. At about 43,00 miles started not wanting to turn over/starting. To start it I would disconnect battery for about 5-10 minutes then reconnect and it would start. Took to dealer and they kept for 2days and could not replicate the problem. Since I disconnected the battery he said I erased all codes. They kept it for 2days. After a week same problem, but this time my wife was stranded at grocery store with in-laws. Luckily my bro n law new to disconnect/ reconnect battery to get it started. So my solution to a problem Chrysler knows they have a problem with ( Wireless Control Module) was to drive over to the Ford dealer and trade in on a new Ford Flex. Plus I got what I paid for it on trade in. Let somebody else dealit, lucky for me it started at the dealership when they had to move it around the lot.

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Congratulations on learning 1) That Chrysler can’t fix their own cars, 2) Your “friend” realizes this better than you and dumped a car on you.

No question asked but another story about awful Chrysler vehicles. Thanks!

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It really makes you want to avoid them…


That’s a very clever solution. Good for you OP :slight_smile:

I’ll add that when a vehicle won’t exhibit a problem when it is at the shop that’s a conundrum for any shop. The shop staff would be more than happy to work on it 8 hours day all week, but the owner wouldn’t be happy at all w/the invoice. That’s why shops say “bring it back when the problem is showing itself”. It isn’t that they don’t want to be bothered, it’s just that they know the invoice that results if they work on it while the problem remains hidden will cause the customer to complain more than being told to bring it back.

These sorts of problems are ones that diy’ers often can deal with better than shops.

So you’re saying that all Chyslers have a problem with this module?

Did you friend not have any problems with it in the first 38,500 miles? If not, then at 8 years things can happen with any vehicle.