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2005 Chrysler 300 - Regulator issues

dash lights headlights tail lights pulsating caused by a faulty voltage regulater thats made into the computer i have lost a 700 set of led tails and halo headlights due to this regulater pumping out 18 volts this very sad chrysler should be ashamed of there self as we hard working people really work hard to have nice things all for them to take the cheap way out and then not take care of it when it becomes a problem

Jerry , why would you expect Chrysler to do anything about a vehicle that has been out of warranty for 12 years .


This is definitely a recall issue my battery terminals were glowing red from the voltage regulater cranking out 18 volts this is very dangerous not to mention piss poor engineering

Sounds like loose connections, battery cables can handle 18 volts with no problem, the battery however will get hot and possibly rupture or explode.

The NHTSA generally won’t start an recall investigation on vehicles over 10 years of age or with a one in a million failure rate, the repairs on an old vehicle like this are on you.


I was reading threw and seen were people were having this same problem at ten thousand miles and within the year they bought them def should have been fixed at that point

I worked at a high volume Chrysler dealer at that time and never saw a charging system failure on the 300/Charger/Magnum vehicles.

You are driving a fifteenyear old car. Just how long do you expect it to operate without a failure of some type?


Once again I understand with age there will be problems but this issue was happening to these cars before they had 10,000 miles on them so what does the age have anything to do with them .its piss poor engineering putting the voltage regulater in the ecm and not in the altenator

Ok well I can tell you I have read a ton of post even on here were people were having the sane issue as mine and were dated the same year as the car if not the next year

You modify the wiring to put your LED taillights and Halo Headlights in, then have wiring problems.

And you want to blame the car manufacture ?