2005 Chevy trailblazer locked doors

So my wife has this truck given by her brother “as is,” and one little problem that has become more of a pain is that the truck’s ignition key was replaced, and all we have is a standard key without the controls of the doors. We never keep anything in that truck, so we never worried about locking it; the problem is that once in a while, the truck decides to lock itself up! So after calling our local police to open it for us over the past two years a few times, we have reached our quota, and it happened again last night. Obviously, I am going to have to address this problem because it is just crazy, but right now, I need to open it again. I have the front door open enough to pass a car antenna (since it is long and bends just a little), and I know I am hitting the correct place at the switch, and nothing happens. Just to test, I have pushed the locking part of the switch, and I can hear the locking mechanism work, but somehow I cannot make it unlock. So I wanted to know if that switch does actually work to unlock the truck, or if the only way to do it is with the little lever right above the hand handle (which, if that is the case, I do not see how I am going to do it).

Thank you for your help

Check to see if the rear window is unlocked. Then you can crawl in and see if any doors unlock.

The rear window is locked as well. As I pressed the black button, nothing happened. Since it is my wife’s truck and I do not drive it, I did not realize that the window could be open undependable from the hole back. Is that window also controlled by the power locks?

Thank you

I am surprised the police didn’t advice you to buy a key, the police normally don’t provide roadside assistance.

General Motors dealers and locksmiths have access to key code records, they can cut a key for the original locks. You must provide proof of ownership.

Why would your brother-in-law discard the original keys?

Hey Nevada, he gets cars and trucks from auctions, and that is how the truck came.

I never figured out the pattern when the window would lock or not. You might just disconnect the fuse for the locks if you can get in again as you are happy without locking the doors.

a locksmith will be able to get your vehicle unlocked. you can also purchase a key fob from him, and he will program it to your vehicle. Or you can purchase one from your local Autoparts or online and program it yourself. check the link below.
but there is always a chance the previous owner had a problem with lock and throughout the key fob instead of repairing the problem.

2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming Instructions (northcoastkeyless.com)

Is there an aftermarket security system or remote starter installed? They could easily cause quirks like this.

As others have said, just buy a door key and save yourself a lot of hassle in the future.

Not sure what you mean. My cars are 30 & 50 years old, so no experience new-age w/fancy key technology. Are you saying you have a physical non-electronic key, but it won’t open the doors? If so, what does that key do? Start the engine, and that’s all? If so, sol’n seems simple, buy a key that works the doors to go along with the ignition key. More complicated idea, disable the door locks.

It seems this vehicle came from an auction with a new ignition lock and key, likely a repossession. So far no one has bothered to make a new key for the door.

Ok, beginning to understand. A repo truck may have towed the Trailblazer away while it was parked on the road. So no keys. Repo or auction company then figures out a way to open the doors, installs a new ignition switch, but doesn’t bother with the key for the doors, thinking the new owner will take care of that problem. Unfortunately vehicle (probably its security system) locks the doors on its own.

A Chevy dealer can make you a new key by vin number to work the doors. I think it has a key option for the drivers door, do not remember for sure.

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