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2005 Chevy Colorado Z71

I accidentally shut off my truck while it was still in Reverse. It was a very long day at work and I just wanted to get in the house and crash. I had a key remote fob and I pressed the lock button and truck lwas locked. I get up the bextvday to get ready to leave for work and Remote did not unlock truck…and key did not unlock car door…after many failed attempts i finally called a locksmith for help. He unlocked my door and gave jumped my truck as well. I left truck run for 30mins after that. Thought that everything was ok, but now the power lock and window, only for the drivers side, does not work. How can Fix that?

Start by fully charging the battery. If it was pretty dead, 30 minutes of idling won’t fully charge it. A battery charger overnight is the best method. Once the battery is fully charged, that might fix the power door/window problem. If it doesn’t, I think you’re looking at a visit to the dealer or Chevy specialist shop. The actuator gadget that operates the door can get confused whether it is in the open or closed state sometimes, and when that happens sometimes only a Dealership has the computer scan tool to straighten things out.

If I had that problem and a battery recharge didn’t fix it, I’d probably disconnect the battery and let it sit that way overnight. The reconnect. In hopes the battery disconnect would reset & de-confuse the computers and get the door function working again. I don’t know what effect this would have on your specific car though. Sometimes disconnecting the battery can introduce a host of other problems you don’t want.

The use of the lock-out tool to unlock the door may have damaged the wiring, that is the risk of using these tools.

You need to repair the door lock cylinder linkage so that the next time the battery is dead you can unlock the truck with the key. While you have the door panel off you can inspect the wiring.