2005 Chevy Malibu Max rumbling and roaring after filling with gas

I have an 05 Malibu Max that was running great. Stopped for gas and now it is roaring and rumbling out of what appears to be the tail pipe. Thoughts in what it could be?

This could be indicative of a problem with the muffler or other exhaust system parts, and that type of issue would present a possible result of deadly carbon monoxide intrusion into the car’s cabin. This is very difficult to diagnose accurately via cyberspace, so a visit to a competent mechanic–a.s.a.p.–would be a very good idea.

By the way… Is the Check Engine Light lit up?

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you positive you put gas in?
i usually have to work on my car to make it run worse. as in touch something under the hood

That is a good point!
Is the OP sure that he filled it with gas, rather than with diesel fuel?

a misfire will make odd puff/puff exhaust sounds. most folks dont spend much time with their ear close to the exhaust. but, a motor making noises should be investigated by opening the hood

Perhaps extra weight in gas tank makes loose heat shield hit exhaust pipe.

Have someone check if there’s a broken rear spring.