2005 chevy malibu classic

Why does my car front end shake when I go pass 65mph steering vibrates & everything inside does to then you can feel tha right or left tire shaking not to sure

A while back i had got drunk nd I hit tha crub with tha right tire it blew out nd tha rim got dented sincetheni knew something had to go bad can somebody help me???

First, check the lug nuts on each wheel for tightness. Second, take it to an independent mechanic or alignment shop to get the front end checked out. A suspension part may have been bent or broken. It would be best not to drive this vehicle until it has been inspected.

“It would be best not to drive this vehicle until it has been inspected.” Let me add that it’s also best not to drive a vehicle when you are drunk.


Best case scenario = your rims are out of balance

Worst case scenario = you bent something

Can your shop duplicate this vibration when the car is sitting still, but briefly reving the engine to what the rpm would be at 65 mph? That would indicate it isn’t related to the tires or suspension.

If not, ask the shop to do an experiment, drive the car a little faster than the vibration, then put the car in neutral and coast through the vibration threshold. If the vibration doesn’t appear during coasting, suspect a problem in the drive line or the engine.

If it still appears to be related to the wheels, one fairly easy test is to ask the shop to raise each wheel one by one and rotate it by hand. Watch the edge of the wheel from behind or in front. Does one wheel wobble (either in/out or up/down) much more than the others?

Still can’t find it? Do an experiment. Ask the shop to exchange the front and rear tires. That may provide a clue.

If all else fails, ask the shop to have the tires balanced. Still a no go? Your local alignment shop is your final friend.

Okay I took it to an alignment specialist nd he welded some part but I forgot what he had said but he was charging $400 to fix it with alignment on all wheels because they all move do think it’s a good price

So I started fixing my car so far I spent 200 I got a new lower control arm(right) & a stabilizer(left) not much shaking after I fixxed but then I can still feel vibration under the car & on the on the left side when I go over 65mphs still…any ideas what else could it be???