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Rattle sound

I have a 2010 Malibu and when I get to 70mph something starts making a quiet, fast rattling sound with a vibration in the steering wheel that matches the pace of the rattling. This car has had new struts put on, new drivers side front hub bearing, new control arm on passenger side front all within this year alone. Please help!

Have the tires been balanced lately?

If that pass side control arm replacement was the result of you hitting a curb, I’d suspect that right front wheel is bent or the tire is damaged. A tire shop will notice a bent wheel when they try to balance the wheel.

The rattle is a symptom of the vibration, not the cause. If the vibration is fixed, likely the rattle will be fixed, too. I would have the shop check the steering rack for damage if you actually did hit a curb with the car.

was car smooth at 70 1 yr ago? how old are tires?
you changed 1 wheel bearing, not 2
you changed 1 control arm, not 2
was the strut an assy? new spring? new strut mount?

The tires have not been balanced in quite a few thousand miles and since like May or June and I drive a minimum of 400 miles a week. No hit curbs. Also had 4 brand new wheels and all lug nuts replaced this summer as well.

Car was not rattling at 70mph until the hub bearing was put on this past weekend. Tires are over 2 years old but a decent amount of tread left. One wheel bearing was changed as a mechanic let the abs sensor rip off when changing the quick struts. And also that same mechanic said I only needed one control arm.

I would suspect the wheel bearing that was replaced has an issue or the pass side is now due for replacement.

You may also have had a wheel balancing weight fall off. Take the car into your trusted shop and tell them what you told us. That will narrow down the diagnosis process. Don’t just say “balance the tires” because they will. If they check the balance and find a problem, that may be the cause and solve the problem. Good Luck.