2005 Chevrolet Corvette column lock

dealer wants $800.00 to service column lock, feels like I’m getting serviced, what will fix this? Is the bypass a solution? 2005 standard corvette, manual trans.

So what is your concern?

Car won’t start?

Problems with the passlock sensor?

I installed a bypass switch for the “start” position on my Corolla when the ignition switch started acting “iffy”, and that’s been working fine for me. On a Corvette though, seems a little gauche. You want to keep it original, right? If so, suggest to do it the correct way. I expect there’s quite a bit of work involved, and much if it is in an awkward position for the mechanic, so $800 seems pretty reasonable to me.

These are being installed to by-pass the problem.


If the only effect was the column didn’t lock any more – and OP is willing to live without the anti-theft protection the lock gives – that might be acceptable from a Corvette enthusiasts perspective.