2001 Chevrolet Corvette - Reasonable fee?

2001 corvette Z06 manual shift Service column lock. Was flashed in 2005 at 21,000 miles. No problems until 07/2019 at 121,000 miles. Dealer says it needs to be " updated" wants to charge $100 bucks for diagnostic fee, then do the update. Will it work?

100.00 diagnostic fee is reasonable . They want to make sure of what to do rather then waste time guessing. Will it work , probably . Or the diagnostic might find a different problem and the flashing might not be the remedy.

Are you posting this because you don’t want to pay $100 diagnostic fee for your Corvette?

Thanks. Do you think the LCM5 will work?

It’s impossible to say, but this is what the parts seller says. I assume the flash is to see if that takes care of an error message that pops up, then the kit is to bypass whatever system fails in Corvettes, that generates the error.