2005 Chevrolet Blazer - paint fix is pricey

You thought correctly on all counts. But…if the guy draining the fluids out of the white Buick so that it can be recycled happens to own a similar white Buick with a dented hood and can swap them out on his lunch break…

You are correct that they’d need to visit a salvage yard. My point was you may find a hood in decent shape and the same color, but it may take a while depending on the color. I see more vehicles than most, and it took a decent amount of time for me to find a match.

I didn’t see mentioned anywhere in this thread that the year of the Blazer is mentioned. Prior to sometime in the late '80s (I think) lead was used in paints (including automotive) to help the paint adhere to the surface to which it was applied. Then, since lead was determined to be a carcinogen, the federal government required it be removed from all paints. So from the late '80s until sometime in the early '00s (I think) cars had issues with paint bubbling and flaking off because auto makers were working through devising a paint formula that would stick to the vehicle (you’ll see many vehicles of that vintage with large areas of missing paint). All that said in order to say this: if your Blazer falls into that time period, your hood is not or will not be the only thing that will need repainting. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to decide what to do (paint or sell).

It says in the heading - 2005 Blazer .

Not leaded paint, water based paints. Laquer based paints were replaced with water based paints for environmental reasons. The lighter colors had some serious issues but these were pretty much solved by 2005, the model yearin question… but issues still sometimes occur, especially on 17 year old vehicles.

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I did some searching and was surprised to find that lead isn’t banned in car paints. I don’t know if it’s used much anymore, but anyone working on restoring an older car (pre-1980?) should know it likely has lead in the paint, and that some newer paints can, too.

SMH. Good thing my cataract surgery is coming up…