2005 Chevrolet 1500 - swapping seat cushions

change seat bottoms pass to driver side 2005 silverado pick up standard model

Do you really expect any kind of an useful answer ( of course if you post was even a question ) with this vague post ? If you have a question or problem then state it so someone will give a useful reply.

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You want to swap the seat cushions between the driver and passenger seats, right? The folks at SilveradoSierra.com can probably help. The subject has come up before and AFAIK it’s possible but I don’t know the details.

Why not swap the entire seat? Or have the seat cushion repaired.

I would get a seat at junkyard for parts. Why take apart 2 seats in your truck? You are not going to put your old crappy driver seat cushion in passenger seat? Why? Get good passenger seat at junkyard, tear it apart. Save it or toss it in trash. Use seat bottom for your truck. Nonpower seats are cheap. $25

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I suspect the passenger seat is rarely occupied and the OP is thinking of his own comfort. The rear seat of my car almost never has anyone sitting on it.

Seat cushions are probably same. You have to take both seats apart but you know that.

When I looked into doing this in my '07 Ram, I discovered the cushions were essentially mirror images of each other and couldn’t be swapped. I purchased a brand new one for around $100.