Totota AT Questions-need help

This thread is a repeat of my thread (2005 Camry LE w/2AZ-FE I4 engine) dtd 11/14/2009). I received answers to my question of whether I had a strainer or filter on my AT but am not satisfied yet. Has anyone out there actually taken the pan off of the AT of this model? What does it really have? Should I be using synthetic ATF? Is Toyota ATF synthetic? Thanks for any answers… John

I use synthetic in my 2002 Sienna with 164,000 miles on it. I use the drain and add method. The service writer at the dealer (a friend of my SIL) said there is no filter, not sure if Camry is the same, but it is possible, and the dealer is willing to sell you at a steep price the suck and replace method of 'flushing." Since even three quarts of synthetic costs little in comparison with paying them to do it any way, I do it every 10,000 or 15,000 miles. Looks good when I check it.

When I made the decision to use synthetic, I just kept on my usual drain and add cycle, and started adding the 3 quarts of synthetic.

There is a lot of history here. We have different folks all over the place on ATF maintenance, and some of them insist their personal choice is what all intelligent people must do. (I have a brother like that.) My view is, look over the choices and select which one you prefer, and everyone else can go pound sand, heh, heh.

Yes there is a filter (more than a screen) you can replace after you remove the pan. You should use Toyota ATF, nothing else.

A lot of Toyota’s use a stainless steel. fine mesh screen. You cannot count on a parts store to have the correct kit so your best bet is to go to a dealer and ask them. They can show you one.

You have a filter, most of them use Toyota type ATF that you have to buy from the dealer. You have your owner’s manual? As I said I just did a drain and refill, right now my other car needs the filter changed more than this one, so it is on the back burner.