2005 Cadillac DTS: help me ID this disconnected sensor

While changing my oil and filter, I noticed what seems to be a sensor disconnected and hanging by the disconnected conducting wire from a tie rod close to the oil pan. The sensor is a heavy metal piece about the size of a golf ball. What is this and what should I do about it?

Is your check engine light lit? If so, that sensor is probably the reason the CEL is illuminated.

Check engine light is not lit.

A picture might help.

of the check engine light isn’t on it’s not a sensor. If whatever it is wasn’t connected to anything it may not even be part of your car. I could just simply be something you ran over and it got kicked up. Hanging by the tie rod? Hanging down from the tie rod what keeps it from coming off or hitting the ground as the tie rod is close to the ground. You need to give a better description.