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2005 Cadillac DeVille ignition coil change

Can only one ignition coil obviously broken be replaced with one other used white top ignition coil?

Spell check would be good here !!!


Front and rear coil packs are the same. Color is different since you see front coil pack. That’s all.

My question was just whether single coils out of a pack could be replaced with a working used coil of the same type from another pack, without loss of performance over replacing the entire pack.

It looks like they are individual coils sold as a complete bank of 4 or individually, you should be able to move the single coils around, they don’t appear to be unique.

10-4 and a great thank you Nevada_545. I had seen written that each entire bank would have to be replaced because of computer programming issues. I will find out for sure soon. Fuel economy is at 13.5mpg and rising after swapping out physically broken coil #4 from under EGR valve frame.