2005 Buick Rendezvous - How do I connect these hoses?

cantnt get two small hoses back on water pipe please help

Sorry, but I doubt you’re close enough for me to be of any help.


2 things to try…

  1. put a little lube like soapy water on the inside of the hose.
  2. heat the hose with a hair dryer to soften the hose a little.

Cars shouldn’t run 100% water in cooling system.

Good advice by WW above, heat and lube are quite effective when installing a balky rubber hose over a fitting. I’ve used both soapy water and occasionally a little silicone grease. There’s often a problem getting your hands in position to install the hoses too., space is limited. For small diameter hoses these specialty tools can help w/that problem.

I’ve also used home-plumbing tools sometimes in a pinch, basin wrench types of tools are available in various sizes. Google “basin wrench” to see what I mean. Oil filter wrenches can sometimes work too, for larger diameter hoses.

Make sure of course hose diameter is correct size for the fitting. If hose is too small it will never fit. And be sure to put the clamp over the hose first.