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2005 BMW X5 coolant transfer pipe repair


Who can repair BMW X5 coolant transfer Pipe leaking problem?

Come on Jack , just call a few shops near you where ever that is . This is not a big deal .

Thank you for your kind suggestion. I did call some shops and they all ask me to drive their shops for inspection, despite I already paid for a diagnosis. I am looking for people knows how to do it and I am willing to pay for the job, would you recommend someone you know? I am in East bay (Fremont, Newark area). Thank you!


How are they supposed to know if they can fix it without seeing it?


Couldn’t they shop that diagnosed it, repair it?

And just what is the chance of anyone from Fremont , Virginia ??? even seeing this post by Jack ?
Really low I would guess .

I think you made your point with the first response you made.

@JackZ you might want to try Mechanics Files on Our users are pretty scattered. You can also try yelp and google and asking around your personal network.


I think the mechanic’s File’s are pretty much out of date in my area there are 3 listed the newest date was 20 year’s ago 2 are no longer around the 3rd is a tire shop I remember some of the regular’s on here saying the same thing.

Yeah, I am hearing that. There is a project underway to try to get them updated. As they say, your mileage may vary, depending on where you are.