2005 Aztec digital radio, dim light

A couple of weeks ago, when I started my Aztec, the radio/clock light was blank. All the other lights (dashboard, radio buttons, gearshift, temp. control console, etc.) work. A few days later, the sun shone on my radio face and I could see that the light wasn’t out, it was simply dimmed. Any thoughts on what the problem is and how I could fix it?

There is a wire in the back of radio that supplies power to the display. I would first verify power is getting to that point and if it is then the back light for the display is most likely burned out. To fix it you will have to get into the radio and replace it.

Power is getting to the wire, I busted open the front panel and went to replace the backlight. There are three backlights and they are all attached to the actual “motherboard” panel of the radio. They’re all glued in and it looks like they can’t be replaced…
Any thoughts anyone?

If those lights are on at all, even dim, then they work. The only thing I can think of is that somehow the automatic dimming that happens when you turn on the headlights is messed up. Also, read the owners manual. It is possible (dimly possible?) that there is a switch to dim those lights controlled through the radio controls, and it just needs to be reset.

You will have to remove the lights and put new replacements in. I would first verify power is getting to the lights before doing that to make sure something else isn’t wrong.