2005 Audi A4 - CEL

Check engine light=oil pump, cam tensioner. Replace oil pump,cam tensioner,cam chain and breather hoses. Check engine light has come back on 5x’s despite repeated trips to the shop. Any ideas?

Yup, tell us more information about your car and your problem. Start with what engine? How many miles on it? Why did you take it in?

What codes did the check engine light identify? Why were the oil pump, cam tensioner, chain and breather repairs done? What is the shop telling you about the car - consider that they can actually see, touch and diagnose the car and get codes where we cannot. And you haven’t told us ANYthing about your problem, just repairs that have been done and the fact the the CEL light is on.

You tell us what is going on and maybe we can help.

A4 Quattro with 1.8 Turbo, 121098 miles. Originally brought in for oil/filter change and check engine code (?) for oil pump. They pressure checked the oil system, said it was okay and sent me home. Next day engine light reappears. Take to shop. Replaced the oil pump & breather hoses. Went home, three days later day the check engine light reappears: Faults 16395/P0011 intake cam retard set point not reached,16840/P0456 evaporate system small leak,17748/P1330 camshaft position sensor G40 incorrect position. Repaired at qualified Audi repair shop. Total all repairs: R/R new oil pump, pump chain, pick up seal, pick up tube, chain tensioner kit, breather tube seal, breather hoses (2). After repair, the check engine light returns w/in 3-4 days. No hard driving. This has repeated two more times. Each time they check the chain tensioner and the position of the cam chain for correct application. All comes back as correctly installed and functioning. . . then it repeats. They do not have a solution, and state the car is operating correctly and is safe to drive.

All the info is good to know but we need the current set of codes to understand what is going on with the car.

If it was repaired at an Audi qualified shop they should understand the car. Are they fixing it or free at this point? Or are you paying every time it goes back in?

Obviously THAT is wrong since it continues to set the CEL. As long as they aren’t charging you at this point, not too much harm in taking it back. If they can’t fix this, find a better shop to actually fix it.

They are not charging me. The two faults (listed above) regarding the cam tensioner and cam position are the CEL codes showing.
They remove the oil pan and physically check to make sure the correct link of the cam chain is in place and that the tensioner is functioning properly. Reset, drive = no CEL. Let it cool overnight, drive again, and the codes return. 3X’s they have done this.