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2005 Altima AC problems

My AC seems like it is failing on me. It is not blowing cold air anymore, only slightly cool air. Also, I have noticed that there is a strange noise that sounds like a “whooshing”, if that is even real. Almost sounds like something is turning on and off. It will put out air at full blast though.

Is this the compressor going out or am I possibly just in need of some freon? Need some help here as it is starting to approach the triple digits in GA.

Any ideas here?

You should start by having the pressures measured.

Is the “radiator” fan turning when you turn on the AC? How does the temp gauge look?

I have not seen any changes in the temp gauge. I’m not sure how I would tell if the radiator fan is turning.

I have someone bringing gauges to work tomorrow and he is going to check to see how the pressure is. Hopefully I can post an answer here tomorrow.

If it ends up being a compressor issue, would you recommend the dealership or an independent repair shop?

I’m having one of our engineers look at it tomorrow. He has all the gauges and hopefully will be able to diagnose the problem.