2005-2009 Honda Odyssey Front Blower is not working

In a hot day in california (Sep 2015) the A/C or HVAC system stopped working. Checked all the circuit breakers and all passed inspections. By searching on Google and Youtube I found the problem and solution. The problem was root cause to fan blower motor resistor (transistor). Since the OEM Part was expensive I went after the non-OEM part for the fraction of the cost.

  1. Order the part


  1. Get yourself a light source

  2. Get yourself a rachet tool or small Philips screw driver

  3. Watch the Youtube below:

  4. Get to work

So here was the cost to do the job:

Here was the deal with the dealership:

  1.  Honda Part List: $298
  2.  Honda Diagnostics: $149
  3.  Labor to replace the Resistance Transducer: $125
  4.  Leaving the car at the dealer

Total: $ 629.20 (Included Tax)

Here how the deal was doing it myself:

  1.  Google Search: 15 min
  2.  Youtube:  13.38 min
  3.  After Market Part:  $35   Shipped in 1 day
  4.  My time: 20 min to remove and replace

Total: $35 (even if I charge $125/hr labor, $155 - still Worth it)

Enjoy the cold air again

Good for you.

However, be very careful just following advice found on youtube. Often it can be incorrect, or only correct for one instance. I’ve watched people spend lots of $$ on fix after fix, never actually fixing the problem, when an actual mechanic could have fixed it far faster, and cheaper in the long run.

Yes you saved money, but many people have no clue what end of the wrench to use.

Dealer parts are always more and you probably could have picket the part up at a local “Auto Parts” for the same price and not had to wait for shipping.

Now the question is…why did the resistor block burn up. A fan with a bearing on the way out will cause enough drag to cause this, or a short somewhere in the system.

Glad you got this fixed, but if it blows again within a year…deeper diagnosis is needed.


Good for you OP for fixing it yourself. And thanks for providing a vdo instruction link for others who have the same problem. The HVAC blower resistor on my Corolla went kaput after about 18 months. The way I fixed it? I did it even for less $$ than you. I just live with the “lo” fan speed missing. Hey, I get more fresh air with the fan on “medium”!!.. lol …

How do I get past the bottom black sheet of plastic blocking access to the resistor? I pulled it down, but only the back edge came down. I don’t want to break it. It has a blue cottony sheet on it - looks like a second air filter. Actually the video linked to doesn’t look like my car. 2005 odyssey basic model (EX?)