2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

What could be compatible with this?

Have a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada with 125k miles. The AC fan sometimes goes out. We were not sure if it was the fan or the resistor going out, so I purchased (from Advance Auto Parts) HVAC Blower Motor Resistor # RUC1013 and Single Shaft Vented CCW Blower Motor w/ Wheel # 35237. When changing it, we noticed that the Resistor was not compatible. So we only replaced the Blower Motor. Left the mechanic and it worked well. Cold air and fan blowing well. Stopped by the store and when I got back to turn the car on, no air. I was told by Advance that the resistor I have is no longer available. The part number is valeo asm 52494707. I have searched all over God’s creation for this part, but to no avail. What could be compatible with this? It is hotter than a pig’s tail in Orlando FL,

Sweating and desperately seeking help -

Tuco Ramirez

Are you talking blower motor resistor? Autozone came up with Part #

I think this is what you need …
More Information for GM GENUINE 1581772 (rockauto.com)
and maybe with this…
More Information for STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS S1112 (rockauto.com)


The part they gave me was RUC1013 - will check DR755

yes that is the same part as Auto Parts, but its not compatible - what I have, loos like this https://f01.justanswer.com/9FjERJit/20150919_130609.jpg

will not work, - I need this

I believe that part number was superseded by P/N 15-80186


This part looks like it may fit, but it seems that no one has this

I paid $25 at the junk yard for my blower control module for my Olds.

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Have search for one here in Orlando FL and non one has it + could you please see if your junk yard has one VIN 1GHDS13S222240585

Most salvage yards have the abiltiy to contact other yards for parts . Ask your local yard if they will serch for one. Or contact an Air Conditioer shop and see if they can find one or something that will work.

Things change in 20 years. You can do a regional or nation-wide search on car-parts.com. They may not list just that part but you could look for other Bravada parts and give them a call on the module. (if that’s what the issue is-mine failed so the blower was always on, so the symptoms are different.)

will check it out ( car-parts.com](http://car-parts.com/). )

thank you

thanks for the web site
found a used resistor at the junk yard -
hopefully it will work, will have it install tomorrow

A “Blower Control Module” is usually not the same part as a “Blower Motor Resistor”. Perhaps that name-difference is why you are having difficulty sourcing the part you need.

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Problem fix -

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