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This car is killing me!

I have a 2002 Volvo XC, I had the dreaded transmission burnout and had that rebuilt…ok that was $4000 ago and thought things would be ok. The car then decided that is was not going to start a few months ago. Basically it seemed that there was a battery problem and either the battery was dead and not charging or the alternator was bad. Well, I had the battery replaced, the alternator replaced, and even the starter motor replaced. This was about a month and a half ago. Things were going good. But lo and behold, it started acting up again. Anyone have any clue as to what this problem might be… before I drive (or push, whichever comes first) this car off a cliff!

I’d Get It To A Technician Who Can Properly Diagnose The Problem.

Throwing expensive parts at it without success is not the way to fix it, as you are telling us.

I have a reliable “auto electrics” shop near (50 miles and worth every mile) here and they could no doubt locate the problem. Do you have such a place in your neck of the woods?

Who knows? There could be wiring issues, starter relay, ignition switch problems, defective replaced parts, etcetera. There are hundreds more dollars you could throw at it and still not be able to start it to drive off a cliff.

Is it dead, now? Does it sometimes start? Will it Jump-start? The bigger the problem, the easier it should be to fix.

Find an “auto electrics” shop with an expert technician.


I guess when you have this many problems with a car, common sense does sorta go out the window!! Unfortunately, these repairs are from a very reputable auto mechanic/electrician. each of the parts that were replaced were actually bad. Somehow though the diagnostics didn’t go deep enough… we shall see, the cars being towed to him today.

Based on my experience with an '98 and '00 V70XC’s you should be prepared to spend about $2,000 a year for repairs. In my case I didn’t have any issues with transmissions, alternators, or starters. Lots of brake, drive shaft, fuel pump, and other stuff. My advice - sell it.