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2004 Volkswagen Beetle - need glove box latch

I have a 2004 VW Beetle. The glove box door lock/latch is broken. I can find other model door/lids reasonable but not for the Beetle. Can anyone help me out with this?
Thanks Mike

I just put Google to work and found some on EBAY and places that sell the entire door and latches . I am sure that a good salvage yard could use their locator service to find one . Where have you looked so the people here don’t duplicate your efforts ?

You might do a search for Bethany Imports in OK City on South Robinson. They specialize in VW and have been around forever.

On a 2004 I expect you’ll be able to find that part new. May require a little searching, Ebay, Amazon, your local parts place, dealership, etc. If I had that problem myself however I’d try the local pick n pull auto recylers, see if they had it. You can usually figure out which cars they are currently parting out using their website.

A new VW dealer door is $321 and a recycler wanted $285. Thought they were pricey for the same bad design.

If the junkyard price isn’t less than half of new, I’d just as easily buy new. No way would I pay anywhere near new prices for used parts to a junkyard which probably paid less than $500 for the entire car.

Did your Google search not turn up who appears to have one complete assembly for 110.00 and EBAY seemed to have some also . It also looked like JC Whitney might have the latch .

This is a perfect time to enhance your web searching skills.

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Bethany has used boxes, no Whitney and the EBay results don’t fit Beetles.
Thanks Mike