2004 Vibe transmission

Could this be co-incidence or something else: After having my automatic transmission flushed, 6 days later I had this happen: “park neutral switch internally shorted on drive signal circuit”. A $527 ouch on top of the $160 flush. The vehicle had 67321 miles at the time of repair. Anybody have any advice?

The fluid flush would not have anything to do with your park neural switch, so yeah it’s probably a coincidence. On another note, I hope that you took your Vibe to a shop that replaced your fluid with T-IV fluid or else your transmission may not live much longer. Dexron III is a major no no for your Toyota transmission and additives that some quick lube places add are no good.

Before I answer this question, I have to ask; Where was the transmission “flushed?”

Pontiac dealer? Oil change place? Somewhere else?

Just for information, a transmission flush is not a “repair,” regardless of who does it.

It might be considered “maintenance,” or it might not, depending upon whom you ask, but it’s not a repair under any circumstances.

Thanks for the fluid info. I will check with the dealer (a Chrysler dealer in this case) to see what type of fluid they used.