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2004 Toyota RAV4 - Which is better?

Looking to buy a used suv which is the best one a rav4 or Honda CR-V or Honda Element

The “best” one when talking about vehicles this old is the one in the best condition as determined by an inspection by a good mechanic.


The rav4 and cr-v seem to get good marks here. Not a lot of discussion about the element as far as I remember. But I expect it’s a good choice too. Consumer Reports Used Car Guide is an excellent resource for your question. Most local public libraries will have it. You could also try searching the past discussions here by clicking on the icon at the top right of this page that looks like a magnifying glass. Search for vehicle specific related threads.

If you’re talking 14 year old ones, it comes down to which one was maintained the best, and had the least bumps along the way. An inspection is mandatory, but won’t catch everything.

Agree with the rest. Have them inspected before you buy

You’d have about the same good luck with any of them, provided the one you pick has been maintained over the years. The Element is based on the CRV platform but reworked at the back to make that flat cargo floor. I haven’t yet met someone with a Honda Element that isn’t madly in love but it appeals to a certain market that others would be just as happy with the Rav or the CRV.