2004 Toyota Camry intermittent brake failure

My Toyota Camry fails break intermittently. The break fluid, pad and shoe are still OK.
What is the possible cause of this intermittent break failure?

Have you ever changed the fluid?

It is a Brake failure . Possibly a weak master cylinder . Go to a Brake shop before you crash and burn.

Old brake fluid and bad master cylinder are common causes. I would not drive a vehicle with intermittent brake failure, 1 mile. The one time you may need to stop can kill someones loved one. I wouldn’t want to deal with that knowing that I knew I could have prevented it. If you have to ask what causes it tells me you don’t have the expertise to fix it yourself. The best you can do is guess. And if your wrong, your brakes can fail and cause harm or death. Bring it in to a reputable pro.


Based on my ownership of multiple Toyotas the brakes need to be replaced frequently. Yours is not over 15 years old. Follow tcmnorth’s advice.