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2004 taurus ignition

Our 2004 Ford Taurus SES has always had a tough ignition switch to turn in order to start the vehicle. now at our advanced age it’s impossible to turn unless two hands are used and shoulder pain occurs. our dealership tells us there is nothing to be done. we hope you two guys have a suggestion…thanks.

Find a real local locksmith.

There's More Than One Ford Dealer. Many Are Competetive For Business. What I'd Do In This Situation Is To Call Another Large Dealer And Ask For The Service Manager / Director. . .

. . . When I got she/he on the phone, I'd tell the same story that you just told us. Ask if they agree that nothing can be done. Chances are great that they will tell you that they can fix it for you and chances are great that they can. Usually they will want an opportunity to win a new customer.

The problem could be in the ignition key cylinder itself, but more likely it's in the steering wheel lock (theft prevention system).

Possibly you live in an area with only one small local dealer and will have to travel a bit. I live in such a rural area, but sometimes the drive is worth the inconvenience. The reason I recommend a large dealer is that they often experience certain problems with more frequency and are more familiar with a remedy.

The Ford web site should have a "dealer locator" feature if you need help finding a good service department. Call a couple of them if possible and see how first impressions strike you.


Take your car elsewhere. There’s no way it should take two hands to turn the ignition switch, regardless of age.

The dealer you’re going to is not helping you. Find another Ford dealer, or an independent mechanic.

You shouldn’t have to put up with this.

Is it possible your steering wheel lock is binding the lock cylinder? Before you turn the key, try moving the steering wheel between the lock points. Hold it so it’s not resting against a lock and try turning the key. If the key turns easily, the dealer is right, but should have explained this to you rather than just blowing you off. If this does not solve your problem, try another locksmith/repair shop, or another dealer if you prefer to use a dealership for your repairs. Any good mechanic should be able to troubleshoot this issue and repair it.