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2004 svt focus dumping coolant

My focus is dumping coolant. The other night on the way home it started overheating. I got it home and popped the hood and everything was covered in coolant. It’s been parked all weekend and I started looking at it closer today. Dumped water in it and after about 1 1/2 gallons it started dumping out. I’m no car expert, just can’t afford to take it anywhere so I try to do everything myself. it’s dumping out the side, looks like it’s coming out of this thing on the side of the engine.
Any advice is appreciated. I don’t know what it is, but I’ll replace it once I figure it out

took it off. Is that a thermostat in there?

Yes. That’s the thermostat.

It looks like the O-ring gasket failed.


Could be deceiving but it looks like the housing is cracked where it’s white…

Think I’ll just replace the whole housing

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Ok, I got this replaced. Now, once pressure builds, it is spraying through cracks in a plastic pipe that goes across the front of the car and splits from one hose on one end to two hoses on the other. I can’t find this tube to replace it. What is it called.

Look here-

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Ok, problems keep popping up.
1st I replaced the thermostat housing.
Then that pipe started spraying, replaced that,
Then once pressure began to build the overflow reservoir started spraying from the seems. Replaced that this morning.
Started it up and let it run a while to get up to temp. Noticed the coolant returning to the reservoir looked darker. But otherwise everything seemed ok. I even revved it up a few times…all seemed well.
Then I decided I’d take it for a test drive. Got to the end of the drive and smoke started rolling out from under the hood. Popped the hood and now a steel pipe coming from the pump seems to be cracked and was spraying coolant everywhere.
I’ll change that next I suppose, but what might be causing this???

Could be a bad head gasket.