Losing coolant - sometimes - 2002 Ford Focus


I have a 2002 Ford Focus ZTW and it is losing coolant - sometimes. It sat in the same spot Saturday for 12 hours and didn’t leak. Sunday morning at 7 it was dripping coolant at the lowest point under the car, midway between the two front tires. Dripping off the automatic transmission I presume. I put a pan under it for 2 1/2 hours and it lost 1/2 cup of fluid during that time (had to leave so don’t know how much it would have lost if I had left it there).

The dealer put a pressure check on it last week and couldn’t find a leak. Then they tightened the hoses - and now I’m losing even more.

What gives?



Did they pressure test it hot or cold. I wonder if that could be the difference?

Do check your oil and make sure it is not there.

It has to be going somewhere. Try turning on the heater fan when you are driving and see if you detect a “sweet” smell.


Check the clamps on the hoses you said they tightened.
Then check the condition of the hoses themselves.

If the hose hardens at the end, no amount of clamp tightening will stop a leak.


most ford focus leak at the black thermostate housing that is located on the drivers side od eng head the housing actually crackes right at the seal where it go into the head the part is sold only at the dealership it shoukd cost about 240 bucks it depends on how bad they mark it up