2004 Scion xB losing power

I have a 2004 Scion xB. Recently I tightened my belts cause they were squeeling. About a week and a half after I tightened them I was dropping somebody off, turned off the motor but left the radio, lights and electrical system running. I had it on for about a minute to two minutes until I noticed the radio go off. I immediately turned the motor on and noticed that the headlights were dimmed, the ABS light was on, and it was like there was no juice left. Then as I start to drive the dash board lights up, I step on the pedal and it just about dies. I turned off the headlights and it is able to accelerate better than it was. I get back to the house turn it off and then try to turn it on again. It won’t turn over and then starts to make a fast clicking noise. I think I need a new alternator.