2004 Saab diagnosis needed

My 2004 Saab Areo occasionally loses power for several seconds at speeds of 35–60–then returns to accerleration speed;neither the dealer or Saab specialist can recreate the problem so they tell me it’s tough luck. Any ideas?

fuel pump? Filter? Injectors? Bad ground? Bad distributor component/ignitor/coil? Throttle position sensor? ECU? could be one of a hundred things. We’d need more info.

oh, and it’s a 2004. Isn’t it still under warranty? If so it is indeed tough luck - - their tough luck. If they can’t fix it, they give you a new engine or a new car.

I would have it checked to see if it has any stored error codes. They don’t always trigger a CEL and they can be very helpful in figuring out what is wrong if there is one.