2004 Saab 93 broken seat belt retractor and gearbox malfunction

I purchased the love of my life, a used 2004 Saab 93 in May of 2007. As my luck would have it, two things have occurred with my car: 1) My driver side seat belt retractor is broken and 2) Saab Information Display (SID) reads that there is a gearbox (whatever that is) malfunction! UUUURGGGHHHHH! Of course, this all took place after my warranty expired. I have been to Saab dealership to get and estimate. The Belt issue is said to cost about $375 and the gearbox, possibly a transmission problem my cost upwards of $600. I am a female and I am well aware that mechanics and car dealerships take advantage of our naivet? by overcharging. How can I avoid this? To ensure that I am not cheated in the repair costs, I have been looking

Online for weeks to find a seat belt retractor cost to no avail. So, I finally, I forgot to mention that my car is currently in the shop to get the seat belt fixed. Is it too late to negotiate the cost of the retractor repair? As I mentioned, I was quote a charge of $375. Who knows what the charge of the gearbox issue? Please help this car is beginning to break my heart!


Mechanically inept and scared

I could be wrong, but those prices seem about right to me. Of course it does depend on exactly what needs to be done.

I’m not even going to get involved in this one. You’re already thinking you’re going to be ripped off simply because of a possible high repair bill.
Your numerous phrases about being well aware that mechs/dealers overcharge, advantage of naivete, not being cheated, etc. along with the fact that you’re NOW wanting to renegotiate the cost of the seat belt retractor repair is enough that I personally would not even want to touch your car.

Get mad at me if you want over those comments.

You purchased the love of your life, a used SAAB 9-3. They’re good cars but can be pricy to repair and many independent shops will refuse to even work on them because they’re needlessly scared of them.

No offense taken. Notice I signed mechanically inept. That’s why inquired to find out what I should be expecting . Thanks for your insight.